How Virtual Reality Will Change the Porn Industry

Porn has been around for as long as humanity itself (feel free to debate the pros and cons of this statement). And porn consumption itself has come a long way ever since. From the early days, when people watched sexual performances shrouded in secret rooms and chambers, to magazines and other hard copy publications, and to the present age of the disruptive Internet of Things where porn has now become available at the click of a button!

This multi-billion dollar porn industry has always been an initiator and galvanizer of new technologies. In the 1970s, when VHS cassettes began to dominate the home video market, half of these cassettes featured pornographic content. By the late 1990s, publishers had started using high-speed modems to allow users to enjoy porn with faster interconnectivity.

Now the Industry yet again plays a path-finding role with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) in the streaming of pornography. And this switch is driven in part by the fact that people want more. They want to see human feelings. They long to get rid of loneliness. They desire more than an orgasmic climax – they demand a connection.

Virtual Reality sex videos answer these questions in many ways. VR porn productions are purposed to make experiences more visual, more aural, to create the feeling of a real sensation of being in the thick of the action.

The production process for virtual reality sex videos offer much more than views of a 2D offering. The cameras and other equipment are a hairbreadth away from the scene of the action. The actors and actresses are conditioned to look straight into the cameras and offer viewers a cinematic rendition of the sensations, moaning, and cooing associated with people having sex.

Many virtual reality sex videos may have a clinical sexologist in the filming crew; the job of this professional is to ensure that the action unfolds by giving out maximum therapeutic value.

The porn industry looks up to VR to achieve a couple of goals. The first aim for VR technology is to provide alternate sources of revenue, primarily because piracy and related intellectual property rights infringements were handled with kid gloves and tore into profit margins.

So content producers hope that Virtual Reality solve this problem and set identical, honest and transparent working conditions for all involved in the market. Also, the porn industry anticipates that Virtual Reality porn has the potential to capture the attention and wallets of a younger generation.

VR is the future of porn, who wouldn’t want to feel like he is in the same room with a fucking couple.