The technical gap between male and female programmers is very wide and for them to bridge this gap; they need put to a lot of effort. To be able to find a solution to this problem, there is a need to find out what these issues are. Here is a list that will start you off:

Lack of a Female Mentor

The technical field is dominated by men and it will be hard to find a female programmer who has years of experience. An upcoming female programmer will hardly get a person who she can look up to when she needs moral support.

Lack of Funding

Most venture capitalists will favor male programmers and provide funding for their projects while women have to look for funding elsewhere. This makes it harder for female programmers to excel and make something out of their programming.

Women abandon their programming jobs before completion

It is not unusual to find a woman you think is doing really well abandoning his project and seeking alternative jobs. This makes it impossible for a woman to advance in programming like the men.

Sexual Discrimination

There is an old-fashioned belief that if you find a woman in a technical meeting, she is either in the top management or she is a junior serving tea. With such an attitude, a woman is not given a chance to prove his programming prowess.

The Solution:

There is a need for women to support one another. As a woman, if you see another woman doing better in programming, support and encourage her. Who knows? She could be the one that will hold your hand when you need help in the future.

There is also a need to make friends with male programmers as you may need them when a need arises. Where there are no female mentors, there are males who will willingly offer mentorship and moral support.

There is hope for female programmers if you are willing to give yourself time. The fact that you are struggling as a female programmer does not mean you will not breakthrough tomorrow. Take a step each day at a time and with persistence, you will get where your male counterparts are in programming.